Interviewed on WSJ

I’ve been interviewed about TiddlyWiki by Jeremy Wagstaff for the Wall Street Journal. He was doing a piece on tagging and micro-content, so wanted to talk to some of the contributors to TiddlyWiki.

We talked, amongst other things, about where it fits into the nascent “Web 2.0” bandwagon:

… The micro-content idea is pretty interesting but I’m also … interested in how they slot into general progressions in the “Web 2.0” … more and more functionality can now be pushed client side – especially with Ajax and related async javascript technologies. TiddlyWiki takes this to the extreme by pushing *everything* client-side …

And the various learnings to take from it:

… beyond that it’s a good thought experiment in how datadriven sites can work. the server can push the data in some structured format to the browser and then the browser uses TW like technology to work out how to render it …