For posterity’s sake I’ve just re-uploaded the various TiddlyWiki files I used to have on my old server. This work dates from 2005 and early 2006.

If you’ve never come across TiddlyWiki you should go and have a look – it’s interesting both as a product in itself and conceptually.


TiddlyDesktop Screenshot

This was a project I worked on over my Christmas holiday in 2005 – the initial work was done on the train on the way down to Bath to see my parents.

TiddlyDesktop was a new layout for TiddlyWiki, allowing you to move tiddlers around and resize them.

The idea

As TiddlyWiki progressed it seemed to have been getting closer and closer to an operating system rather than just a content management system. Borrowing a few ideas from Joe Rai, YATWA and some code from young pup I started trying to see if I could make TiddlyWiki more like a desktop …

What you can do

You can:

  • move tiddlers by dragging the title bar
  • resize tiddlers by grabbing the “resize me” link that floats vaguely near the bottom right corner of the tiddler
  • collapse / expand tiddlers by double clicking the toolbar or using the -/+ signs in the toolbar
  • auto cascade tiddlers to position them nicely when you open lots of them
  • collapse / expand all from the sidebar
  • bring tiddler to front by clicking on it
  • save and restore layout – stored in a hidden tiddler
  • err that’s it for now, but more coming soon
  • oh yes the message box has moved to the sidebar and now disappears after 4 seconds … which makes me very happy


TiddlyDesktop v1.0 (beta 2)
TiddlyDesktop v1.0 (beta 3)


TiddlyTagWiki Screenshot

TiddlyTagWiki was my first foray into the world of TiddlyWiki. I liked the concept, but wanted to change the look and feel and add some new features. I borrowed the styling from Flickr (my favourite site at the time).

The main new features I added were:

  • Tagging: the ability to tag individual content items. This was a major gap for me
  • Saving the current layout in a cookie so the layout is the same when you re-open the page
  • Filtering out content you didn’t create from the timeline. This was a first attempt at hiding the system related tiddlers

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